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By Christian Martinez
Flashbacks engulf me and drown me in sorrow.
My tears become the sea that is blown and rocked,
By the storm of troubles and depressions.
The past creeps up on me like a high wall of water.
Familiar faces crashing against me like rough waves.
Ancient emotions that were once bottled,
Begin to fill my lungs as my eyes water more.
I remain doused in my memories for what seems like ages.
Time ticks away as if a clock embedded in my mind.
All I hear is the ticking of the clock.
The ticking fades away
As I slowly get washed, on the quiet shores of reality.
I slowly open my eyes as the basking sun embraces
The colors of this world that I have come to call home.
:iconbatwang:Batwang 2 3
Everyone Has A Mask
Everyone Has a Mask
By Christian Martinez
A Mask,
It is only an expression
But it is the only thing
People judge you by.
I consider myself a great
Example. Most people see me
And assume I'm just a boring,
Lonely, quiet kid.
But I'm a creative, artistic,
Deep-thinking student just
Getting through the all too
Familiar struggle of
If I were to write a
List of the positive and
Negative points about
Myself, without exaggerating
Or lying, I would definitely have
More positives than negatives.
I would use this list to
Avoid depression, anger,
And suicidal thoughts.
What I like about
"Wearing a mask"
Is that you can change
Who you want to be and
Only confuse those who
Know you best. This is
Where you can tell apart
Your true friends.
I may have learned this
The hard way, but I learned
It nonetheless. You shouldn't
Wear a mask for to long
Or you will believe that this
Mask is really you. Be sure
To know when it is safe to
Take off your mask and
To who you are revealing
Your true self to,
:iconbatwang:Batwang 0 0
Another Look At Death
It surrounds us.
It outnumbers us.
Some fear it.
Others adore it.
It is certain.
It will consume u.
It will destroy u.
It will weaken u.
It will not be merciless.
It is never late.
It is uncontrollable.
It is the end of your hope.
Its methods are not always deserved.
But it is rarely disappointing to the right audience.
Death is only the end of your life.
Not the end of your soul.
:iconbatwang:Batwang 1 4
Is it better to be alone?
Jealousy, selfishness, worry, protectiveness, fear of losing them.
Is it really worth it?
Trust, friendship, love.
Is it easier without it?
emptiness, loneliness, unwanted, unloved.
Whatever your choice may be, it is always an option, but a difficult one nonetheless.
:iconbatwang:Batwang 1 0
Silence fills the air. The silent sound of my keyboard as I type this. The silence of the night at 3 in the morning. The silence of the lack of sound that filled this room not too long ago. The silence of loneliness. The silence that can kill. The silence that can drive you insane. The silence of my life. The silence I call home.
:iconbatwang:Batwang 0 0
Why do we live? Only for misery? We dont live for brief moments of happiness. We live for hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that she or he may finally notice us and talk to us. Hope that we can achieve our goals. We dont live for happiness and joy. We hope for it all. We hope for everything. The fall of our enemies, the rise of our friends, the love we seek, the future we imagine, the wishes we want. Hope is a requirement for life just as breathing is. Those without hope perish and rot along with their bodies and souls. Hope is what keeps us alive. It thrives us, pushes us, inspires us and strengthens us. We always have hope no matter how much we dont want it. It binds us. It holds us together. It is our mental and internal nutrition. Why do I feel hopeless?
:iconbatwang:Batwang 1 2
Paranoia. You are being more than just watched and studied. You are being led. Led to belive your 'Normal'.Led to believe you are safe. Led to believe 'they' know exactly what you are feeling and thinking. Led to believe you are not being programmed. Led to feel weak and deny it. Led to feel like an outsider unless you give in to 'society's' rules and opinions. Paranoia is feeling your destiny is preset and unchangeable. Paranoia is fearing the worse case scenario of the possible future. Paranoia is a medical condition that can be diagnosed. Paranoia runs deep in all our blood and we are all too scared to admit it. For some its too much to handle. For others, its not enough. Either way, everyone has it and everyone uses it, even if its against their will. You use it regularly. sometimes you hide it, sometimes you talk bout it. Paranoia is that little voice in the back of your mind that tells you that 'this is too good to be true', 'this is not worth risking', or 'tell them the
:iconbatwang:Batwang 1 0
Why Are You Here?
Why Are You Here?
By Christian Martinez
On that day, the day of your birth,
Why do you think you were put on this Earth?
Do you really think you can change the World?
That someone like you can just give it a twirl?
What if I said you were going to die?
Would you believe me or think its a lie?
If you were on stage speaking, do you think others would learn?
Do you think you would get the respect that you think you've earned?
If I said That the end is near for the life of your friend,
Would you spend whats left with them as if the world was at its end?
Problems are like the shadow that follows you.
You cant run from something thats always right behind you.
If i said you should have died long ago,
Would you believe me or think I'm a joke?
Its wierd to normal, and its normal to be wierd.
Look at that guy's awkward beard.
Do you think he cares what I think about it,
I dont think he is going home to cut it.
Questions like this will make you wonder
As to wether or not you are the founder,
Of w
:iconbatwang:Batwang 1 0
I hate you.
I hate everything you put me through.
I hate all the pain you caused me.
I hate everything you stand for.
I hate myself for believing you.
I hate myself for trusting you.
I hate the hope you have put into me.
I hate all the happy thoughts you put into my head.
I hate all the lies you led me to believe.
I hate hearing you.
I hate how i want you.
I hate how i miss you.
I hate how i need you.
I hate how you left me so suddenly.
I hate how abandoned i feel without you.
I hate how you dont care.
I hate how you never cared.
I hate you how i can never get over you.
I hate how i will always crawl back to you.
I hate how every tear i shed has your name on it.
I hate you.
I hate you so much.
I hate you, Love...
:iconbatwang:Batwang 4 1
By Christian Martinez
You can hide them.
You can cover them up.
You can lie about them.
You can never get rid of them.
Internal or external.
They never heal.
Pain can scar you.
Emotions can scar you.
You can scar youself.
No matter the cause of your scars,
they will always be there to remind u
of why you are the way you are.
They can turn you into the person you dont want to be.
They can turn you into the person you dreamt of being.
They can turn you into someone more understanding.
They will either make or break you.
Its all about how you react to it.
Scars describe who you really are.
:iconbatwang:Batwang 5 9
When Music Speaks
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away,
even tho my Scars remind me that the past is real,
i Bleed It Out,
cause Nothing Else Matters.
And altho its too late to Apologize,
we gotta Come Together,
cause If This Was Your Last Day,
would you prefer the Simple Life,
or to see I 2 I(eye to eye)
with someone that is Irreplacable?
so Go To Sleep,
and Dream On
as you Move Along.
I Believe I Can Fly
and that We Are The Champions
but you also need to have Faith of The Heart
and know that your Just A Kid.
so Follow Me
and Don't Worry, Be Happy
cause even if you have 99 Problems,
just Stand By Me
and Realize that
All You Need is Love.
:iconbatwang:Batwang 1 0
True Love
True Love
by Christian Martinez
When no matter how hard you try;
-you can never get over her
-you cant stop thinking bout her
-you hold back your true feelings, just so you can still be friends
-you hold every moment you ever had with hervery close to your heart
-you respect her too much to think anything wrong about her at all
-you dream of holding her in your arms and you wake up smiling
-you hope that she can someday realize that you are the one for her
-you have alot in common and talk bout personal conflicts
-you pray and wish for only one chance to be everything she ever wanted
-you remember the first and last time you saw her and held her
-you remember all the fun times you shared with her as if they were yesterday
-you remember the weather the first time you met her and the last time you saw her
-you can never hide the amount of pain she causes when she lies to you, even if she regrets it
-you can only hope for her happiness, even if its not with you
-you cant imagine living wi
:iconbatwang:Batwang 0 0
My Fear
My Fear
By Christian Martinez
I am the shadow that lurks behind you.
I am the conspiracies you hope aren't true.
I am the thoughts in your mind you constantly deny.
I am stronger than you will ever be.
I am your darkness.
I am in control.
I am untameable.
I am you.
I am the reason you hate darkness.
I am the purpose for which you flinch.
I am here for only you.
I am taking all your attention.
I am the voice you hear.
I am the things you hallucinate.
I am the nightmares you have every single night.
I am killing you slowly and painfully.
I will never leave you.
I will never be conquered.
I will not be banished.
I will forever live in your mind.
I am your FEAR.
:iconbatwang:Batwang 2 5
By Christian Martinez
Death is a blessing.
Death is the escape from reality that everyone needs.
If your dead, you have no feelings.
You can't feel:
bad, angry, sad, lonely,
selfish, lifeless, jealous, hopeless
paranoid, heartbroken,
pathetic or depressed,
unloved or annoyed,
or simply unenjoyed.
I'm not seeing a downside here at all.
Regardless of what you believe,
the after-life should be better than this
inhumane human life.
I can only wait
for Death to assist me
in escaping from this
reality we all call
:iconbatwang:Batwang 1 3
Mature content
Love :iconbatwang:Batwang 1 3
My New Life
My New Life
by Christian Martinez
I gave up love.
I gave up hope.
I gave up trust.
I gave up life.
I thrive on hatred.
I thrive on paranoia.
I thrive on depression.
I thrive on survival.
I dont smile anymore.
I dont think happy thoughts.
I dont have many friends.
I dont laugh at all.
I wont reconsider.
I wont miss the past.
I wont forgive.
I wont get even.
I hide my rage.
I hide my pain.
I hide my tears.
I hide my sadness.
I dwell on my past.
I dwell on my future.
I dwell on my luck.
I dwell on my own time.
I fake my joy.
I fake my affection.
I fake my truth.
I fake my attitude.
I shall have no fun.
I shall feel no regret.
I shall feel no happiness.
I shall feel helpless.
My heart is frozen.
My voice has drowned.
My mind is made.
My body has adapted.
I will get by.
I will push through.
I will never be the same.
I will live.
:iconbatwang:Batwang 1 3


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Christian Martinez
United States
Current Residence: Connecticut, USA
Favourite photographer: cannot be limited to one
Favourite style of art: anything that can peak my interest in the slightest will be watched again
Personal Quote: Are you really living?


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